Discover elegance and style at their best in K + I, a haven of imported interior products straight from Italy. Find art in every piece of furniture that we offer, be it a table, chair or sofa. Take home a piece of exquisiteness with our intricately designed and crafted lighting fixtures and fireplaces. Make your office floor the centerpiece with our collection of adorable Italian carpets. Take a piece of Italy to your home or office as we fulfill our mission of providing the perfect items that belong only to your special place.

We offer only the most iconic designs and the highest quality materials to make sure that our customers buy what they deserve. Choose from a wide range of Italian brands, many of which are exclusive to our store, to satisfy your inner artistic curiosity.

Have a special design in mind? Take your idea to us and we will transform it into a custom piece, however you want it.

Please visit our website’s product page for the full range of choices. We also encourage customers to visit our store to avail of our frequent promotions.



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